More Green Time, Less Screen Time Boosts Kids' Mental Health

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About "More Green, Less Screen" Crypto Fund

Helping children glued to their screens.

More Green, Less Screen Crypto Fund has been established as a part of the comprehensive program LogOut & ReStart for children and youth glued to their screens. In 2021 primary Care Paediatricians from the Slovenian Paediatric Society under the auspices of the Primary Health Care Committee of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, together with and experts from other fields, prepared the first Slovenian national guidelines for children’s and adolescents’ screen use in which so called green time is also emphasised.

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Our aim is to raise at least $25,000 in crypto to enable at least 50 LogOut kids to be part of a program.

Every $500 in crypto gets a LogOut kid's individual nutrition and physical training plan and up to 6 months of regular practice.

Expected impacts:

Improved physical & mental health
Happier children
Happier parents (fewer family quarrels)
Gradual weight loss
Improved focus levels
Improved self-esteem
Improved sleeping pattern
Improved social skills
Improved (digital) well being in general

The Problem

According to recent study children and youth who spent an hour and a half a day on their screens- including TV, cellphones, computers and video games - were more likely to feel sad about their lives. And the more screen time they logged, the worse they tended to feel

 Those who were less active physically were more likely feel irritable or nervous, and to report trouble sleeping, headaches, stomachaches and backaches. 

But the more active they were, the happier they were. What's more, physical activity helped blunt some of the negatives resulting from too much screen time. 

LogOut kids spend 4.5 hours a day on their screens. Which is 300% more.

The Solution

More Green Time, less Screen Time program connects glued to screens or screen addicted LogOut kids with students from the faculty of Sports University of Ljubljana to provide them free physical training plans, weight loss programs, to promote a healthy lifestyle, and to actively monitor their progress throughout the program evaluation.

Individual and group activities

Our team connects LogOut kids with students of the Faculty of Sports while practicing internships at LogOut. Students provide carefully planned individual and group indoor and outdoor activities. 

Holistic Approach

Mental wellbeing is like a puzzle where all parts need to be connected properly. LogOut within its safe environment provides individual and group counselling, workshops on digital literacy and safe use of media, Logout Week Summer camp and much more.

Screens Allowed But...

Physical activity promotes mental well-being even when kids also spend lots of time glued to their screens. With new activities successfully added and time to unplug, screen time shrinks gradually. 

Support More Green, Less Screen Cause.


LogOut Week Summer Camp 2021

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