Meet the Team

  • Petra Belina

    Psychologist, counsellor and co-founder of Logout

    Expert in the field of digital addiction and psychosocial aspects of Internet communications. Over 15 years of experience in psychodiagnostic and counseling young people and their parents. Certified TA therapist.

  • Nuša Klepec

    Psychologist, counsellor

    Expert in the field of psychological factors in competitive gaming. A wide variety of experience with youth work, leading workshops and organizing events.

  • Janez Arh

    Social Worker, counsellor, (head of an outpatient clinic in Izola)

    Many years of experience in working with children and young people. Conducting counseling interviews, experiential workshops, camps and international projects for young people. Mentor to volunteers and interns.

  • Tilen Hočevar

    Bachelor’s in criminal justice and security studies, Master's in Social Work, cousellor, workshop facilitator

    Former basketball coach, youth worker and a Master’s in Social Work. He’s a sport enthusiast, passionate amateur chef, traveller and adventurer, who tries to enlighten the risks and dangers of contemporary techology, perserve need-to-keep elements of analogue world and most of all, is helping to keep healthy balance between “real” and “virtual” life of people.

    In every day practice he is counseling youngsters and their parents and also works as a workshop facilitator.

  • Živa Ahac

    MSc in social work

    Is a master of social work by trade and improviser at heart. As an improvisational theatre teacher and a mentor for experiental learning groups, she developed the ability to activate participants no matter their age.

  • Rok Gumzej

    Social pedagogy, counsellor

    Combining his own personal experience playing video games and his background in social pedagogy, he helps individuals balance their usage of digital devices. In his free time, he also creates video content about gaming and livestreams playthroughs. He also produces different web and TV series that try to educate the general public about the pros and cons of today’s technology in an informative and fun way.

  • Mija Repenšek

    Mija is master of Marital and Family Studies and Psychotherapist intern. She researches addictions and dangerous uses of the phone, social media and online pornography. She is a house and garden plant nurturer who likes to swap screens for books.

  • Boris Veler

    CEO & co-founder of Logout

    Consultant for digital literacy and creative use of the internet.

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