Youth and Sexuality Online


Workshop on sexuality, online pornography and sexual abuse online, with the aim of developing critical thinking towards online content.

Today, a large proportion of children come into contact with pornography online before the age of 10 but do not discuss it at home, so in the workshop, we touch on three key components: Sexuality, online pornography and e-abuse online.

We talk about what sexuality is / is not, what is important, we also touch on the biological and psychological development of adolescents and how sexuality is related to our brains. As part of online pornography, we discuss participants ’experiences, their views on pornography and sexuality, dispel myths created by young people through watching online pornography, and highlight the dangers of online pornography addiction, symptoms, and consequences. In the third part, we highlight E-abuse on social networks, such as sexting / sextorition, grooming, extortion with intimate recordings, we are also talking about dating applications. We conclude with prevention and responsible behavior online.

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