Symbolic handing over of the collected funds of the E-sports federation of Slovenia


ESZS podelitev nagrad Lasko MAJ22 39

In December 2021, The E-sports Federation of Slovenia (EŠZS) raised 6,395.00 euros in a 12-hour charity stream led by Jan Vaukman - Vauks and attended by many famous Slovenes.

The final act of the Slovenian National e-Sports Championship took place in Thermana Laško on Sunday, May 29, 2022. The event was marked by the solemn awarding of plaques and medals to the best in the second season of the Slovenian National Championship in e-sports under the auspices of the E-sports Federation of Slovenia. The E-sports Federation of Slovenia or EŠZS is the umbrella non-profit organization for the promotion and regulation of e-sports in Slovenia.

In addition to awarding prizes to the winners, the event also included a symbolic handover of funds raised at the charity event in December 2021, the Nora Institute ( and the humanitarian association Enostavno pomagam. EŠZS raised astoning 6,395 euros in a 12-hour charity stream led by Jan Vaukman-Vauks and attended by many famous Slovenes.

We truly thank you for the funds raised. They will be intended for the operation of our organization, where we offer free psychological help and support to individuals and their relatives.

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