Partnership with the E-Sports Federation of Slovenia


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We are pleased to announce that we have concluded a long-term partnership agreement with the E-Sports Federation of Slovenia. E-sport is a relatively young but fast-growing industry in Slovenia as well. The activity brings together many, especially young participants who see their future in professional career in the field of e-sports.

The main focus of the collaboration between Logout and the E-Sports Federation is on raising awareness of healthy lifestyles and responsible video game play, reducing the risk of addiction and helping players with excessive gaming or addiction. We believe that through mutual cooperation we will effectively and directly reach the target group, which we address with programs and activities.

Emphasis is also placed on training member organizations of the association and individuals in the field of responsible online communication and preventing or reducing the risks of all forms of online violence.

ESFS is the umbrella non-profit organization for the promotion and regulation of e-sports in Slovenia. E҆ZS is an association of associations that have been operating, cooperating and striving for the success of Slovenian organizations and teams in the field of Slovenian e-sports for many years. They currently hold more than 350 members under their auspices, which is a good bite of actors in the field of e-sports in Slovenia. In the coming years, we want to increase this number so that we can achieve a higher quality of e-sports competitions and events.

LOGOUT is a non-profit organization and help center for excessive use of the Internet, which since 2011 has provided counseling, assistance, support to excessive or addicted players and awareness and promotion of healthy and responsible video game play among players and their loved ones.

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