Participation in various working groups in the field of digital addiction


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In 2020 we are involved in numerous advocacy activities, preparation of recommendations for safe internet use, needs identification for the development of new services, strategies and guidelines in the field of safe and healthy use of screens.


List of activities:

  • Within the national mental health program 2018−2028, which is taken care of by the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), we participate in an interdisciplinary working group in the field of non-chemical addictions, which performs tasks for strengthening and protecting mental health provided in the national program.

  • The Department of Health and Social Security of the City of Ljubljana has included us in the focus group for the field of electronic addiction in the preparation of the new Strategy for the Development of Social Security in the City of Ljubljana for the period from 2021 to 2030.

  • Within the Medical Chamber of Slovenia and its section for primary pediatrics, we participate in a working group for the management of time in front of screens, where we participate in the development of concrete guidelines for the use of screens of the youngests.

  • In partnership with the National Institute of Public Health, we are developing a screening device for early detection of risk factors for the development of digital addiction in three-year-olds and before entering school.

  • In cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences and membership in the council, together with the team of the Safer Internet Centre, Association of Parents' Council Working Groups of Slovenia and Arnes, we established a working group of the Safer Internet Council to prepare recommendations for parents on safe internet use and make recommendations for remote working for both parents and teachers.

  • In partnership with the The Slovenian Heart Foundation, we are preparing concrete initiatives for changes in the field of health protection and the use of screens with the aim of reducing the risk of excessive use and / or addiction and protecting physical health when using screens of the most vulnerable groups, such as children and adolescents.

Many thanks to all the actors for the invitations, excellent cooperation and, above all, trust. We will keep you informed of all the results, which we are already looking forward to.


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