Opening of psychological outpatient in Celje


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In the month of April 2018, we started providing services in our new outpatient clinic in Celje. By this means, we magnify clients accessibility to our services especially for residents of Slovenia regions including savinjske, zasavske, posavske, and also podravske and pomurske regions.

We are offering individual psychological counselling in connection with excessive use of digital technology and the internet, and help to the individual which are one way or the other connected with risky online behaviours.

Weekly counselling are available for everyone, children, young people, their parents, adults, and their partners who suffer from excessive use or internet addiction. Our conselling service also include for general addiction such as video games, social networks, addiction with gambling and sports betting, pornography content, internet shopping, FOMO and so on. Other areas we provide counselling service include individuals who are victims of risky behaviour on the internet (online harassment, sexting, online violence, false introduction, internet racism, cyber-bullying and so on.

In future months we will also be starting group counselling with purpose of welfare of healthy life unity and educational support group for parents, which are already available in Ljubljana clinic and Izola clinic. This group is purposely for education and support for parents at challenges of raising children. 

Important aspect of our work is also raising awareness about healthy, safe and creative use of internet  and technology as we regularly work together with other professional and wider public. We are performing preventive workplace for pupils and high school students, lectures for parents of preschool children, and for professional workers in health school, social, and other sectors.  

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