Opening of new outpatient clinic in Izola


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In the year 2016, we also started providing our services in the new psychological outpatient clinic in Izola. This implies that we have extended clients accessibility to our service especially for residents of obalno-kraške region and also primorske - both notranjske and goriške region.

At the 2 year anniversary  of working, we recognized that Izola Outpatient Clinic has a good recognition because of the connection with our branch for more people who need help for themselves or for their close ones. In most measure, parents come to us when they need information and support at reaching agreement with their children about the use of devices such as smart phone, tablet, console, and computer. In our counselling treatment, the intention is to maintain better health and creative use of digital technology as children jointly work together with their parents. Young people from age 13  to 18 years have intensive use of especially social network, youtube and video game, and as such, children and young people are offered regular weekly counselling treatment and occasional group activities to support healthy lifestyles. Counsellor offers possible participation of parents on educational group with intention to support parents at tutoring challenges of raising children and young people. In the outpatients, children look onto adult person because of experience and symptoms of addiction with different internet contents. This represents notification about healthy, secure, and creative use of internet and technology as an important part of our work is multidisciplinary working with other professionals and wider publicity. We offer preventive workplace for pupils and secondary school students. Lectures for parents of primary school children and education for professionals.


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Ljubljanska Ulica 22
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