Logout Week - Radeče 2019


IMG 4051

Train from Radeče to Ljubljana has some minutes delay and as a result of this, groups of young people have become impatient as they wait for their train to arrive, and as such they can actually retract and return to civilization. Tired but satisfied as they have just survived 6-days of Logout camp without technologies at their reach.

Some young people, at first, found it impossible to be without their telephone for 6-days; snapchat flame must be collected and maintained, and they must be rewarded in mobile game  as essentially, they must complete their checks on the most newest meme ( some imitation for humorous purpose).   Meanwhile, 6 days later they are forefront runner ready to arrive at other thoughts  and wishes.  Wishes for socializing, contacting, friendship, humour, and creativity. Wishes of changes from being unknown into friendship are all on our house in Magolniku.


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