Logout Week - Brestanica 2013


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Free time or holiday period is really important as children and young people often spend it the nature. How disputing would it also be, every time, to live a quality life without a computer, tablet, and mobile receptors; this is already another story. 

We spent extremely beautiful weekend in idyllic environment far away from technological stimulus. We packed our time with different activities and adventures which we jointly created with children. Emphasis was on relaxed socializing, working together, joint creativity, social and handmade skill (different skillful games for therapeutic exercise in brain), sporting activities (hiking, swimming, football and basketball, socializing games), golf with stones, hoe, tennis ball, meanders with bag of potatoes, mind field from paper plate, hitting balloon with stones, cooking etc.  Next to bag of full laughter we also had lots of conversation. Children alone put forward plan for the next school year. We hope that they achieve it.

Warm thanks to all children who participated in the camping. We learnt a lot from them and definitely thanks to parents who put their trust in us.

Team Logout

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