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Logout never rests. Full of creativity, we are constantly thinking about the needs and ways of communicating important prevention messages for different target groups. For the health, fun and movement of children, this time we put all our hopes in our Telephone Number Hop.

And...it paid off. Since last year, our Number Hoop has adorned quite a few Slovenian schools. The purpose of the project - floor stickers in the form of telephones and wall stickers with preventive messages - is to promote children's socializing and safe, healthy and responsible use of the Internet. We wanted to encourage movement and creativity through fun learning and simple tasks.

Examples of tasks for children:

  • Hopping the phone numbers: Police, Emergency and Fire, Logout...

  • Hopping your birthday

Number Hop leaves room for the imagination. In one case, for example, the children hopped short SMS messages, in another they used Number Hop for the popular game Twister.


Wall stickers:

logout stenske nalepke

Video presentation of the project:



The project was created with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia.

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