First national conference for the prevention of internet addiction - Switch-on life!


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6th of March 2018, we organized “National Conference for the prevention of internet addiction: Switch-on life! Healthy relationship with internet for healthy lifestyle”; this National Conference was made possible by the Ministry for Health RS.

Speakers are from different professional point of view, such as psychology, psychotherapy, medicine, and advertising present key safety measure which strengthens healthy relation to the use of internet contents. This focus attention to the identification of effectiveness  and problem solving connecting with users of internet contents such as video game, social network, pornography and so on.

The conference commenced with greeting speech from the Minister  for Work, Family, Social affairs and Equal opportunity, Dr Anja Kopač Mrak. Following this was the introductory lecture by Psychologist Špela Reš who introduced program and work of Logout, Centre for Internet Addiction. Dr. Tina Bregant, pediatrician and doctor of science with (or from the field of) children neurology is undertaken result of current research in the field of neuroscience about the use of internet content between children and young people. Bor Lucijan Turek, Masters in Chemistry, an expert in gaming industries, introduced popular genre of video games, trends in this growing industry presents first-person view of user performance content.  In the discussion panel includes all three professionals as they talk about how in practice to encourage healthy use of the internet content among young people.

In continuation we saw documentary film “Switch off” was prepared by the Editorial office production Infodrom RTV Slovenia under the leadership of Mateja Leban (scenario) and Slobodan Maksimovic (director). In this film, we follow three young people for week days as they switch off on all their electronic devices and consequently, these young people experience a lot of challenges and insights. Editor of children and young people’s program on Television Slovenia, Master of Psychology Martina Peštaj therefore highlights about the concrete instruction and guidance for parents, about which media content are appropriate for different ages of children, and, where we can check this out. Following this, Lucija Karnelutti who worked with secondary school organisation in Slovenia introduced the view of young people on using the internet. This introduction was about the purpose for which young people use the internet  and similar devices, where they see challenges, advantages and possible failure, and what crossings and differences they feel at meeting with older generation. Creative director agency Approach Aljoša Bagola mentioned part of advertising industries which attracts modern trends and our way of internet communication and presentation. How can advert mirror contemporary social value?  Psychologist Špela Selak is the researcher in the field of behaviours in internet environment, the exposure of social network, possible influence on the users and challenges with which the users face. In the panel of discussion is Martina Peštaj, Licija Karnelutti, Špela Selak in Aljoša Bagola, they talked about gap between older and younger generation and about modern trends of use of digital technology. 

In the final part of the conference is Peter Topić, psychotherapist specialty in the field of addiction with sexuality mentioned about the sexuality of young people in the digital age and era, about why and when are young people vulnerable, also for the development of addiction with the use of pornography. Final lecture was prepared by Dr. Tina Bončina, doctor and physiotherapist who presented the final dilemma and challenges faced by the parents of children and young people that were living their times for digital technology screen.                                                                             

There were more than 150 participants from all parts of Slovenia who participated in the conference in which at their respective workplace have contact with children, young people and parents (Health institutions, day centres, primary and secondary schools, Centre for Social Work, non-governmental organisation and others). Number of participants reveal the necessity for education about current  theme that is connected with the use of internet content and digital technology. Therefore, we will be in Logout also in future progressive mission informing professionals and wider publicity about the purpose of Healthy secure and creative use of the internet.  

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National Conference for the Prevention of Addiction with Internet “Switch on Life! Healthy relation to Internet for Healthy Life-styles, jointly financed by the Ministry for Health


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