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LogOut's initiative #Emotional Digital Environment by Design

Emotional Crypto Environment by Design

NFT ecosystem is about making friends, supporting artists, falling in love with art, and at the same time mastering financial literacy in emerging tech to achieve financial freedom. We are all being part of so exciting times.  Everyone feels like being a member of the global NFT movement. But at the end of the day, there is always a human behind all interactions. Individual with a bag full of emotions. Being part of the NFT community is a real-life experience. Interactions via Twitter, Discord and other social channels are on steroids. Expectations are high. Emotions are leveraged. An emotional roller coaster could lead to an emotional breakdown or at least disturb usWe all are just humans.

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Community Support Groups

Support groups are gatherings of people (virtually or IRL) who share common ground in some way and can offer each other emotional support. Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of creating a safe environment where with a help of a supportive community, members can express their emotions and get first aid support. Support groups can be very helpful, but they’re not a replacement for professional mental health treatment.

Our aim is to get every NFT related Discord server to create an emotional-support channel.

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Almost There :)

Be it, individual, group of founders, or DAO, as an owner of the Discord community server, you commit to creating an emotionally safe environment by creating a special channel. How you name it is up to you. Here are some preferred choices:


Done? Now you only need to tell your community about with pinned message in the channel mentioning our initiative and share your commitment to the initiative on your social channels by following and by tagging 
#MentalHealthFriendlySpace and @LogOutTweets in your post.

The Expert Curated Spaces

In case you feel you would like a mental health professional's help & support as well, we'd love to help as much as we can. On a daily or a weekly basis. You or your DAO community might consider donating to support our cause and help us grow the network of professionals. 

Feel free to reach us at: info@logout.siDiscord@LogOutTweets

We are a group of passionate psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, gamers, developers, crypto enthusiasts who understand the technology and human behavior with years of experience by helping individuals and their closest ones. 

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