Logout Week 2019


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Train from Radeče to Ljubljana has some minutes delay. A group of young people is unbearably waiting, so that they can return back to ‘civilization’. They are tired, but satisfied, as they spent 6-days in Logout camp without technology.

Not to have a phone for 6 days some young people would find it impossible. They must maintain snapchat flames, they must collect daily rewards in mobile games and it is necessary to check the newest »meme«. But 6 days after new ideas and thoughts started coming to the forefront, such as wishes to socialize, to connect, making new friendships, rediscovering humour and creativity. Wishes, which after 6 days in the house on Magolnik changed strangers into friends. 

Our days mostly had the same structure. Getting up at 7.00, exercise at 7.30, followed by breakfast, then morning activities, lunch, afternoon activities, evening and night animations. In between we had longer breaks for socializing, which most of the time was used to searching for frisby, which often ended up in a bush.  Activities were also thematically different and our week was divided in 5 bigger sections: getting to know each other, trusting others, working together, competition and I as an individual. Diversity of thematic was shown also in diverse activities. Amongst other things, we debate about meaning of competition with oneself alone, we listened to kamisibai tales, have taken part at blind walk, maintain the real flame and baked hotdogs, as well as play social games and participated in the night hiking with fire, while confronting our internal fears.

Our biggest challenge was sleep; 18 people with different biorhythms slept in the same big group room. Snoring, bodies who are not used to sleep at 11pm, moving around the bed, have made us learn on the first night what is true meaning to share a space. Already just four nights later we have all slept well, each night a bit better. Food, which we had to prepare from the skratch was an important feel good factor. Every day a different group of people cooked, however from day to day groups became bigger as volunteers from previous days started to join the group. Our workshops on cooperation and teamwork helped and prepared food was delicious, as on daily meetings food compliments were very often.

Peak of the Logout camp were our relaxed evenings gatherings, as they were colored with stories. One night we role-played, then we listened to the sound of guitar and tried to solve a mystery, etc. There was no time for rest as every new day was full of new activities and challenges. We successfully solved puzzles in the escape room, and went to bed with a smile on our faces.

After 6 days of activities we found ourselves on the train from Radeče to Ljubljana. This time the conversation did not touch flames, video games or meme, but we rather talked about experiences, relationships and new discoveries and how 16 strangers became friends.

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